Leah Fairman By Leah Fairman

| 3 April 2024

5 Hubs Producing Chart-Topping Pods

There’s no doubt that one of the most popular media formats to come to the fore in recent years is the podcast. Tap any commuter on the shoulder and they’re most likely listening to an episode of their favourite pod. There are plenty to choose from (over 3m in fact), though some obviously resonate more than others. Here are the most popular podcasts with Irish listeners, while these are just some of the best ones produced in Ireland.

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast of your own? Aside from a riveting, educational or entertaining topic - be it related to politics, sport or pop culture – what’s equally important when it comes to building a successful one-off episode or ongoing series is the quality of your production. And that’s where Connected Hubs comes in. Did you know that 25 hubs dotted around the country offer recording facilities at affordable prices?

So, no matter where you’re based, you can use our network to create something that might eventually rival the likes of Joe Rogan! Here's just a handful of the hubs offering this fantastic service, and how their studios are currently being used...

[Tommy, Hector and Laurita recording in PorterShed]

PorterShed, Galway

One of the larger Irish hubs, PorterShed’s mission is to “create high-value sustainable jobs that have a positive impact on Galway and the surrounding areas”. A buzzing and exciting hive of activity, their expansive space includes a recording studio, perfect for podcasts. In fact, it’s been used by the best in the business! Tommy Tiernan (co-host of The Tommy, Hector and Laurita Podcast) has stopped by to record, as has Síle Seoige (host of the excellent Ready to be Real).  

M:Tek, Monaghan

This next one is perfect for those interested in getting started in the podcast space. Not only does M:Tek in Monaghan have recording facilities, it also offers specialised courses to those who want to learn about podcasting and production. This training will empower you to feel confident about the various technical elements involved in creating this type of audio content.

[Jimmy Connell recording an episode of ‘Jimmy Jests’ in Co:Worx]

Co:Worx, Longford

Those based in and around Longford should check out Co:Worx in Edgeworthstown. Designed to cater to start-ups and entrepreneurs, this dynamic hub has hot desks, meeting rooms, offices, and, of course, a state-of-the-art podcast studio. One man who’s used the facilities to his advantage is Jimmy Connell, host of popular new startup podcast, Jimmy Jests. A proud Longford native, Jimmy uses the hub to record each episode, accompanying his output with fun social content.

Republic of Work

Further south, you’ll find Cork City’s largest co-working and innovation hub, Republic of Work. Based in the heart of the city, the team behind this creative space understand the power of the podcast, and offer special deals and incentives to those interested in using their studio to record. This has fostered a great sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the podcasting community there. Budding podcasters in the People’s Republic should definitely check them out!

[How to Gael hosts recording in Drinan]

Drinan, Dublin

In north county Dublin meanwhile, you’ll find Drinan Enterprise Centre. These guys aim to support start-ups and growing businesses, facilitating them to expand. They’re also home to a dedicated podcasting hub, known for hosting specialised content, like the brilliant Irish-language podcast, How to Gael. In this way, the breadth of diversity is increased within the landscape, with new and interesting voices contributing to this exciting storytelling medium.

Inspired to tell your own story? We’d love to be a part of your podcasting journey. Visit our site to browse the full 25 hubs with recording facilities, and get in touch if you need any questions answered.

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