Leah Fairman By Leah Fairman

| 19 April 2024

5 Steps to Get Your Podcast Off The Ground with Connected Hubs

With a penchant for radio and a long-term love for all things chat, it comes as no surprise that podcasts have enjoyed a steady climb to the top of Irish audiences’ charts over the past number of years. And thanks to the wealth of broadcasting talent here, there is no shortage of new podcasts (and beloved ones!) to add to your must-listen list.

But what if you harbour a hankering to become the next Vogue and Joanne? Or perhaps following in the footsteps of Tommy Tiernan, Hector and Loretta is more your cup of tea. Whatever your passion, there’s no time like the present to get started on taking the steps to creating and putting out your own podcast.

Better yet, there is a host of podcast services and experts across our Connected Hubs network that can help you get your first episode wrapped.

So without further ado, here are five ways to get your podcast started – and five hubs that can help you capture the magic with bespoke podcast facilities and expertise on site.


(Image: The Phoenix podcast space at HQ Tralee)

1 Discover Your Passion:

First things, first. Every great podcast that makes a lasting impression takes a different angle on popular topics. So what better way to make your mark than to match your passion with your podcast? Consider the topics that genuinely interest you and captivate your audience. Whether it's politics, sports, pop culture, or niche hobbies, your passion will drive the success of your podcast. From here, then plot out how you’ll bring your passion into each episode. Perhaps it will be the overarching theme of your podcast – or even be a dedicated part of each episode. Once you have this, why not start recording sample conversations and demos? Here to help you with that are the podcast facilities in Hubs, like this one in GreenTech HQ in Enniscorthy or HQ Tralee in the South West.

(Image: Studio 92 at The Mill Enterprise Hub, Drogheda)

2 Craft Compelling Content:

Focus on crafting compelling and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Utilize storytelling techniques, conduct thorough research, and incorporate different perspectives to keep listeners hooked. Access resources like those at The Mill Enterprise Hub in Drogheda, who offer not just recording facilities but also specialised courses in podcasting and production. Or take a desk in a coworking hub for a day to ensure focus and brainstorming time away from distractions. Even better if you choose a Hub like Creative Spark Downtown Hub in Louth which offers on-site podcast recording studios.

3 Ensure Quality Production:

High-quality production is key to attracting and retaining listeners and to ensure your podcast stands out from the competition. But worry not, Connected Hubs with specialist podcast studios have best-in-class recording facilities and will ensure that your launch season sounds impeccable. Better yet? Connected Hubs offers ‘plug and play’ podcasting at affordable prices across 25 hubs nationwide, empowering you to create professional-grade content without hefty investments. Try hubs like the Clermont Screen Hub in Rathnew, County Wicklow or the Bia Innovator Campus in Athenry, conveniently located off the M6.

(Image: The Podcast Room at Bia Innovator Campus in Galway)

4 Start Recording and Build Your Audience:

Once you have your episodes wrapped, it’s time to start building your audience – which is where the hard work can often start! Leveraging the power of your social channels and linking in with fellow podcasters and relevant online communities can help to attract new audiences to your episodes. Producing clips specifically designed to capture attention on social is also a great way to get people listening – just think of the ubiquitous clips from Steven Bartlett’s podcast, The Diary of a CEO. You can also consider collaborating with influencers, guest speakers, or industry experts to expand your reach and attract new listeners. Engage your audience through Q&A sessions, polls, and listener feedback to foster a sense of community and loyalty. The team at The Edge Dublin can provide a full podcast consultancy service and help you take the next steps.


5 Learn and Grow:

Set a review period for your podcast progress. Take time to analyse what’s working well and areas for improvement. If you aim to turn your podcast into a business, our hubs can help with startup business support, advice and mentoring to help you scale and monetize effectively.

Next steps

Ready to unleash your creativity and connect with audiences through the power of podcasting? Explore our network of hubs with recording facilities and kickstart your podcasting adventure today. Visit our website to learn more and join a vibrant community of podcasting enthusiasts!

And don’t forget, our podcast studios can also be used for recording audiobooks, or hosting online conferences where high quality production is essential.

How to find our podcasting hubs

Pop onto www.connectedhubs.ie. Select ‘Browse Hubs’, then use hub filter button to select ‘Podcast / recording studio’




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