Liam Horan By Liam Horan

| 1 December 2021

Info session will outline supports for tourism enterprises in your hub or locality

In your hub, or locality, have you existing or start-up businesses in the tourism sector?
If yes, HERE'S a useful resource you might wish to share with them.
The European partners involved, including Westbic, have developed a learning platform and space where networking, collaboration and sharing of good practices all take place The platform incorporates interactive self-assessment tools, best practices documentaries, a collaborative resource network and a creative lab facilitating individual and collaborative group work.

The Inside-T Project seeks to promote intergenerational learning and the development of professional skills in young adult unemployed and underemployed persons, especially women, to develop sustainable tourism projects in low population density territories.

On Tuesday next, 7 December, they have a Webinar entitled: ‘Securing our Future: Female Founders in Rural Areas – Two female entrepreneurs look at the impact of sustainable business processes and shared learning for rural tourism businesses’. Among other issues, they will present the overall outcomes of the Inside-T project. Anyone interested in attending can register HERE 

Alternatively, they are delighted to present the outputs to any businesses interested at a short Zoom Demo presentation on Monday, 13 December, at 10am. Anyone who wants to attend can get the Zoom details by emailing Westbic's Ultan O'Fatharta.

In this interview, Ultan tells Liam Horan of how the platform can benefit tourism businesses, including start-ups:

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