New Year, New Way of Working

19 January 2024 Leah Fairman By Leah Fairman

The way we work has evolved hugely over the last few years. Remote and hybrid models have worked wonders to help employees establish a better work / life balance, but there are still challenges. Some companies have their HQs in locations that are difficult for staff to get to. While for smaller SMEs without a fixed office, it can be hard for team members to truly collaborate.  

For these, and many other scenarios, the Connected Hubs network can offer an agile solution. We’ve got over 300 digital hubs dotted around the country, some in the heart of our most bustling cities, others nestled in the glorious countryside. Whether you’re looking to scale, find a base for staff, or need somewhere to concentrate on work away from your home environment, here’s four ways Connected Hubs can support you in 2024. 

1 You’re a CEO Looking for a Base 

Many large and successful companies, including Public Relay, Liberty IT and Secora Consulting, have embraced the Hubs offering, setting up shop in a selection of locations around the country. Secora, for example, use The Base in Donegal, with Director Phil Graham explaining that “anyone who wants to use the space can, for lots of different purposes. We’ve got people in Louth, Tipperary, Dublin - they can all come together at the hub for a day.” Why not get in touch to see how your organisation can benefit from our expansive network? 

2 You’re Self-Employed and Want to Network 

Many of those who use our hundreds of hubs are self-employed. Rather than work from a bedroom at home, they prefer to surround themselves with like-minded people in a professional and friendly environment. Depending on the hub (you can browse the full selection here), you can avail of desk space, conference rooms and even production studios – great news for podcasters.  

3 You Need to Collaborate 

Perhaps you’ve got a small business or start-up with just a handful of employees. You can’t afford the overheads of a full-time office but need space to brainstorm and collaborate on important projects. No problem – why not use a hub on a part-time basis? Our dedicated hubs managers will be happy to help figure out a plan that works best for you and your business. 

[image via Ireland’s Content Pool] 

3 You Want to Explore Ireland 

A fabulous new year’s resolution! If you’ve decided that you’d like to see more of our great country in 2024, we’re here to help. You can easily extend a weekend getaway by booking into a hub on the Monday. Equally, if you’re visiting family or friends in another county and don’t want to feel rushed, why book a desk for a few days, setting aside your evenings for much-needed catch-ups? 

Do any of those situations resonate with how you’re facing into the new year? Remember, we’re here to help. Get in touch today to find out how Connected Hubs can support your ‘new year, new way of working’ ambitions.