Waterford is a workcation destination not to be missed

24 August 2021 Karen Sweeney By Karen Sweeney

Nick Corcoran, originally from Waterford, relocated to the US in 2016 where he works as Vice President, Division Operations at Stryker. His role in Stryker is focused on “End to End” supply chain, encompassing internal manufacturing sites, external supply base, purchasing, planning, customer service and distribution. Nick and his family have remained close to their roots in Waterford and take every opportunity to return home to visit family and friends.

When the pandemic hit, they were unsure when they would have the opportunity to return home. With a short stay off the cards, Nick wanted to find a way he could extend his stay by incorporating working form Waterford.

When asked how he found out about Worklab Hub Nick said

“I saw something on Linkedin and wanted to learn more. I have utilized similar facilities in various parts of the US before including NYC and elsewhere in Ireland on previous trips but never for more than a day at a time. Through LinkedIn, I found the website and went from there.”

To make his trip work he needed somewhere within 25 mins of Dunmore East with good broadband capable of supporting video. Having access to a quiet space was extremely important on a day-to-day basis.

The benefits of working from a hub are endless with Nick commented that the hub was the main factor his working holiday was a success. He said “for me it really allowed me to stay properly connected and perhaps most importantly, when I was in the hub, I was fully on. When I was home, I was with the kids and family and again fully on in that respect.

He continued “The hub really allowed me to separate work/home which is difficult for anyone working remotely and certainly so when you are working remotely overseas”.

Alicia, General Manager of worklab said “At workLAB we strive to provide professional and productive workspaces for clients be it for working holiday or an ongoing remote working scenario. Being part of connected hubs has given us a platform to showcase our Hub nationally and internationally as with clients like Nick who travelled from the US.

We pride ourselves on offering excellent services supported but high quality workspaces. We are live on the Connected Hubs Platform so do check us out”.

As the world embraces the concept of remote working, the idea of a working holiday is a natural follow on. The ability to work in a professional, safe, environment that hubs offer opens endless possibilities for people to extend their trips domestically or internationally. Nick and his family are already considering Christmas plans to return for 3 to 4 weeks.

Nick said when discussing the idea of a working holiday “I could not recommend it highly enough”. He continued by sharing some advice for others who might be considering following this route in future
“Find your routine. I felt I was best when my week was planned out. I could slot my calls accordingly and really take the stress out of trying to balance time with family and friends versus work. The hub has a great variety of spaces so I would urge people to check it out. Kelly and Alicia are really at the top of their game. They really have it an amazing understanding of the must-haves in terms of space, facility, technology, flexibility. Nothing was a problem!”

To book a dedicated desk space or meeting room visit workLAB.