COMPETITIVE CALL FOR PARTICIPANT HUBS (closing date: 14th September, 2022)

Call for applicants from hubs for the DIGITAL AEC pilot programme

The WDC is currently piloting ways in which the economic development mission of existing enterprise centres can be deepened, while also increasing the critical mass of existing hubs, so that their economic impact can help more directly achieve the goals of Our Rural Future for vibrant rural localities in a sustainable way.

Being a focal point for the benefits of digital will bring the community into their local Connected Hub while digital will bring the impact of the hub out into the local community! It’s a win/win - Eoin Costello, DigitalHQ clg

DigitalHQ’s 'Digital First Communities' is a proven framework of tools and techniques to collaboratively attract investment, remote workers, home buyers, shoppers and visitors to a locality. This framework is targeted at the mobilisation of local stakeholders around the economic and community development goals advanced by their local ConnectedHub, increasing the online digital visibility of their locality and raising awareness of mobilising new Social Enterprises to help fill in gaps in service provision in the locality. 

The WDC is now commencing a pilot Digital AEC programme via a competitive call to work closely with a group of five hubs focussing on the upskilling of the hub managers to enable them to advance the economic and community growth of their locality through the use of the ‘Digital First Communities’ framework.


Delivered over a period of six months the programme will involve a monthly face to face workshop, online workshops and extensive mentoring by DigitalHQ’s lead trainer. There will be a certain amount of travel but this will be limited to one day per month of the programme within the AEC region (a contribution towards travel costs will be made). 

The programme will kick off with a focus on the inaugural Digital First Day in October and month by month cover a different area of activation around the agenda of digital growth and mobilisation of localities around digital. 

The five hubs that are selected will receive funding that will reimburse the participants time on the programme and for delivery of customised campaigns that are linked to the delivery of the practical elements of the pilot programme in their hub’s catchment area.

Why not apply now (closing date August 30, 2022): CONTINUE TO THE APPLICATION FORM BY CLICKING HERE