Remote Working Training for admins of BCPs Hubs2 Session Advanced Course

Ludgate Hub
Ludgate Hub, Old Bakery, Townshend Street, Skibbereen, Cork, P81 T324, Ireland

Date & Time

Tuesday - 14 December 2021, to Friday - 17 December 2021
12:30 - 02:30 GMT

An innovative and dynamic programme for Broadband Connection Points (BCPs) and Community Hubs to facilitate Remote Working.

The Remote Working Training is focused on the training of administrators in Broadband Connection Points (BCPs) and Community Hubs, facilitating remote working in line with government policy. Ludgate will provide virtual training and supports to BCP’s and Community Hubs in Ireland. The training programme is innovative and dynamic and designed to meet the challenges faced in rural Ireland.

The content is novel and specific to the remote working and organisational challenges of BCP's and community Hubs.

Summary content will include 1. vision, 2. landscape, 3. strategy, 4. business of a hub, 5. management 6. organisational structure 6. financials, 7. services, 8. stakeholder management, 9. marketing and 10. Unique selling points.

The material is based on Ludgate’s journey but also the experience of others. The live virtual classes will be supported by the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) which will contain the recordings of the sessions, further reading material, relevant links, videos and a unique Hub Academy eBook that charts and shares Ludgate’s ‘how to’ and operational manual. A number of relevant templates and resources will also be made available to the participants. If participants are unable to attend the live sessions, a recording of the session will be placed in the LMS.

Who should sign up? The training sessions are aimed at BCP's and Community Hubs at different stages of their journey and as such separate sessions will be offered for each cohort.

If you are,

Considering - a community group who is considering starting a BCP or a Community Hub.

Developing - a community group who is actively developing a BCP or Community Hub.

Expanding - an existing BCP or Community Hub who is expanding their offering to remote workers.

this training is for you.Depending on demand extra sessions beyond scheduled may by provided.

Outcomes The aims of this training to provide the learner with structured learning opportunities leading to the development of a foundation or intermediate level knowledge, skill and competence in the development of a broadband connection point (BCP) and Community Hub.

After completing this training, you and your team will: • Consider the organisational structure which suits your BCP or Community Hub• Appreciate the links between planning and sustainability, measurement and research conclusions.• Demonstrate understanding of the business requirements of a BCP or a Community Hub• Possess appropriate resources that will help you target your specific market.


For those developing or expanding a BCP or Community Hub.• Tuesday 14th of December 12:30pm-14:30pm and • Friday 17th of December 12:30pm-2:30 Total 4-hour session.

Further information, if required from / 087 1904174

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