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This page features enterprises based in hubs in the Connected Hubs network.

The list has been built by direct referrals from existing hubs and also from contacts made directly with by providers. Please note, the page is currently being redesigned to become more user-friendly, including use of logos and photos.

Please note, we do not endorse any of these services - this is purely an information service. 

ENTERPRISES : If you would like to be listed here, please email with the following:  A 2-4 sentence blurb including no more than two web links. If you are offering a discount to Connected Hubs network members, please make that clear in the blurb too. Include the name and location of your hub. Include one good quality image (e.g. a logo or a product/service) . Occasionally, we invite enterprises to present at one of our fortnightly network meetups. 

HUB OWNERS/MANAGERS : If you have an enterprise(s) that you would like to share with the network, simply forward this page to them and they can take it from there.

We are just building this list at the moment - we have quite a few to add. We are listing sections and entries within sections alphabetically. 


QBOOTH   At  we supply sound insulated phone box style booths that offer our clients a private space without external distraction at a fraction of the cost of the competition. brings all the benefits of working in a traditional closed office environment to working in an open office environment. These benefits include

·     Less Distraction 

·       Tasks completed quicker and to a higher standard 

·       Less Noise

·       Better Functioning Office 

·       Happier Employees 

·       Happier Clients

·       Higher Revenue 

As a New Frontiers member based in the ATU iHub in Castlebar,’s phone booth starts at €2400Qbooth, Where Work Gets Done. Contact Noel O’Malley E: T: 086 1011367


MONEY COACHING IRELANDMONEY COACHING IRELAND: Money Coaching Ireland brings ease to how people USE (understand, spend and earn) money. Founder Anne-Marie Macken is a coach, qualified financial advisor and accountant with 15 years experience in financial services. Money Coaching Ireland offers tailored money coaching and financial well-being programmes to individuals, corporate, community and state organisations. If you, your clients or your employees could benefit from feeling more secure, free and empowered about money, email or book a free discovery call to find out how Money Coaching Ireland can support you. Money Coaching Ireland is based in the Social Innovation Hub in Ballymun Civic Centre. 

USP FINANCIAL : My name is Frank Buckley. I am a chartered accountant of over 30 years, I help people who have previously worked in the UK at some stage in their lives determine their entitlements to the UK state pension, and critically, their options to improve that state pension while living abroad; for example, in Ireland. I have dealt with close to 1000 clients over the last four years and achieved some remarkable results for people. I am based at The Spool Factory in Boyle. Feel free to contact me at: , by phone at 086 852 5672 or visit my website:

Media Production

LIMOR : Limor is a new social audio platform that makes the process of podcast production,distribution and monetisation easy, instant and interactive. Unlike traditional podcasting, Limor is an interactive social audio experience. With Limor you can record, edit and share your voice and podcast straight from your phone and talk directly with your followers in the voice comments sparking real conversations, it’s social audio.  Use the power of speech to meet new people, grow your network, grow your brand and spark real and meaningful conversations. More:  Founder & CEO Shane Monahan  Limor are based in The Mill, Drogheda.

IT & Peripherals

BOWSY:  “We don’t have the time, or resources to do what we know we need done, in order to grow our business” …sound familiar? We are Bowsy, Ireland’s best tech start-up 2020, based in the Guinness Enterprise Centre. We connect university students with SMEs, giving them the opportunity to work on paid, remote, projects part-time for your business. It is completely free to register on our platform and post a task or project for your business and students are paid a minimum of €15/hr* and Bowsy charges 20% fee of project cost - whether you need a creative digital-native to manage your social media, a techy to build or improve your website, a numbers-wiz to help with accounts, or a savvy market researcher to navigate government grant schemes for your business, we have a student who wants to do it for you. Helena Sweeney  would like to invite you to a coffee morning at your office to tell you a bit more about Bowsy - if you would like to host, please email .

DATA VALUE HUB: Data Value Hub is dedicated to helping businesses unlock the power of their data. The Data Value Hub is based in Monaghan Town, Co Monaghan and is supported by Enterprise Ireland and Monaghan County Council. As the CEO of the Data Value Hub, Fergal Geraghty leads a team committed to democratising cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that SMEs can leverage them for their growth and success.

At the Data Value Hub, Fergal and his team run Artificial Intelligence (AI) Incubator programmes, providing SMEs with the opportunity to explore and implement AI solutions. These programmes are designed to accelerate the adoption of AI technologies and assist SMEs in harnessing the transformative potential of their data.
To learn more about the Data Value Hub's mission, please visit

MY CLOUD : My Cloud PA is an IT solutions company focused on helping small companies and sole traders cost effectively adopt comprehensive digitisation to resolve their day-to-day pain points. It is a user-friendly one-stop solution including CRM, finance, e-payment, e-commerce, email campaign and digital marketing with minimal expense.    Our unique benefits are: - super easy to use, maximum three clicks for any single feature - all-in-one system, you do not need copy the same data between our multiple systems We have 50% off discount offer for all Connected Hub network members.     W: ; E: ; T: 01 693 3448 / 085 272 7227.

Tourism & Travel

WEEKEND AWAY SWAP : Wouldn’t it be great to pack the family in the car, throw the bikes on the rack and get out and about to visit a new location for the weekend with no accommodation costs.   With WeekendAwaySwap you can do just that. is a  platform that sits neatly between Airbnb and a traditional house swap. For an annual subscription of €120, you get to swap your house with other members for the weekend (yes, all 52 if you feel like it!) and enjoy everything a new location has to offer. Using the house simply as a base, your weekend away becomes a much more viable option and you get to spend all that extra cash on enjoying yourself, all the while, supporting local economies. Introductory offer 50% off for Hub members Use coupon code  HubDiscount

Additional sections to be added - open to suggestions.