Information for Exhibitors

Zoom : Log-in details are in the email sent to you on Wednesday last.

Log-in : 1.25pm to facilitate set-up

Meeting the Hub Managers : Hub Managers will make their way to the breakout rooms they wish to visit. It is not necessary for Hub Managers to pre-book a visit to your breakout room, they will simply go to the room and talk with you.  Note : you may have times with multiple visitors, and times with none.

Event starts: 2pm. The event will finish when all meetings between Exhibitors and Hub Managers have concluded.

This is the info pack we will share with attendees beforehand : HERE

Breakout room : Each exhibitor will have their own breakout room. We will assign you to that room when you log in at 1.25pm.

Screen-sharing : In the breakout room, you have full screen sharing capability. Please note, your screen-sharing may be over-ridden by ours when we share some information with the whole venue, but that will be for no more than ten seconds and your screen will then return to its previous state.

Recording : Recording is not permitted.

Background : Feel free to add a virtual or real background - the breakout room is yours to 'decorate' in whatever way you wish.

Contact details : Make sure to get contact details of those managers you wish to follow up with afterwards - we don't circulate the attendees list to exhibitors.

Good practice : We expect that exhibitors will be online to give advice freely and help our Hub Managers with their queries. Feel free to pass on your contact details and arrange follow up meetings if requested. However, please note we discourage ‘hard sells’.