Arbutus Innovation Centre
Meeting Room 1

Price Per 1 hour: €65.01

Opening Time: 09:00

Closing Time: 20:00

Room Capacity: 6

Available Booking Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

We’re here to support our greater community in elevating those in their lives and networks.

boardroom + meetings. elevate your work session.

With a boardroom, and meeting rooms, we have ample opportunity for you to elevate your meeting experience with hosting it at Arbutus. All spaces are a minimum booking of 2 hours during work hours, or 3 hours after hours.

Boardroom  | 45 hourly, €60 after-5pm | projector + Whiteboard  | Capacity: 6 Persons

Meeting Room | 50 hourly, €65 after-hours | projector + Whiteboard  | Capacity: 8 Persons

Tea, Coffees and access to kitchen can be arranged for an additional cost. 

Stringent Cleaning Protocols in place

Meeting Room 1