ACE Enterprise Park
Shared Kitchens

Price Per 1 hour: €18.00

Opening Time: 00:00

Closing Time: 00:00

Room Capacity: 10

Available Booking Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Scale-up your business with access to our 2 shared kitchens. Fully equipped with commercial cooking equipment to increase your production quantities and improve quality. Because the Shared Kitchen is on the site of Ace Enterprise Park, you can avail of our expert advice so you can avoid common mistakes and build your business faster and more sustainably. 

Our mission here at Ace Enterprise to help local businesses grow and thrive because your success is also our success. We offer a range of supports for new, emerging, and established small businesses, providing information, networking, practical training, and flexible, high-quality kitchen and business space. 

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